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Last Update on August 21, 2014 07:08 GMT


LOS ANGELES (AP) -- It was about a year ago that Robin Williams was on stage at the Emmy Awards, speaking about his fellow comedian and mentor, Jonathan Winters -- who had died since the last Emmy telecast. Who would have believed that a year later, it would be Robin Williams who will be among those featured in the "in memoriam" segment of the show. Doing the tribute for Williams will be Billy Crystal. And like Williams saw Winters, Crystal says he looked at Williams as a friend and comedy mentor. Williams was found dead in his Northern California home on August 11. A preliminary coroner's report says it was a suicide.

AP Entertainment Editor Oscar Wells Gabriel reports there's some irony in the upcoming tribute to Robin Williams at this year's Emmy Awards.


LOS ANGELES (AP) -- He's known from action films, having played James Bond. So Pierce Brosnan says he has no problem fitting into the cast of The Expendables. Basically, he says it boils down to the script -- and the money. He says if the story "seems to make sense on the page" he'd take the job. But he also says the money has to be right. He says it'd be a blast to work with Sly Stallone. He says Stallone "has stood tall for many a day and years" -- and he'd be happy to join the Expendables. Leaving the ball in Sly's court, Brosnan says "they know where to find me."

Pierce Brosnan says it would be cool to get together with the other actors in the Expendables cast.

<<CUT ..003 (08/21/14)>> 00:05 "the old country"

Pierce Brosman, actor

Pierce Brosnan says he has no worries about being directed by his son.


ST. LOUIS (AP) -- There hasn't been a lot of normalcy in and around Ferguson, Missouri lately -- what with all the unrest surrounding the police shooting of Michael Brown. But the St. Louis Rams have provided some big-time help to the high school football players in the racially troubled area. The NFL team has offered its indoor practice facility to all three Ferguson-area schools for the rest of the week. Area schools have been closed because of the protests that have followed the shooting. But the high school season begins tomorrow and the practice facility has come in handy because the school facilities have been shuttered. Some of the players go to shake hands with the pros. One of the high school coaches says the Rams' move to let the teens use their practice facility was "awesome."


BEIJING (AP) -- Angry, shocked, ashamed and heartbroken. Jackie Chan not unlike most parents when faced with a child who gets in trouble. The Hong Kong film star said he was all those things and more when he took to his blog to talk about his son's detention in a China drug case. Chan says his son Jaycee will have to face the consequences of his action. But he also says he will be there for his son. He may also be there with his son. There were reports that Chan was headed to Beijing to meet with his son, who was arrested on drug charges last week -- part of a government anti-drug crackdown.


NEW YORK (AP) -- It was all sunny and bright in Al Roker's "neck of the woods." And that had nothing to do with the weather. New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio rained a big surprise on the "Today" show weatherman, declaring yesterday Al Roker Appreciation Day. The mayor presented Roker with a mayoral proclamation -- complete with a photo of the home in Queens where Roker grew up. It was all part of a celebration of Roker's 60th birthday.


NEW YORK (AP) -- Emma Stone will be the latest star to do a role that has been popular for theater goers for generations. She will be taking on the role of Sally Bowles in the latest revival of "Cabaret." She takes over in November for Michelle Williams in the play. It's the second shot at the role for Stone. She had landed the gig before -- but had to bow out this spring because of scheduling conflicts.


NEW YORK (AP) -- A lot of guys have dreams of wanting to be a rock star. But not Andrew Rannells. He says he always wanted to be on Broadway. Now he's getting both the dream he wanted -- and the one he hadn't thought about -- all in the same part. He has the title role in "Hedwig and the Angry Inch." He plays a German transsexual rock star -- a role that will see him do things like eat cigarettes, wear a miniskirt and mascara, lick the stage and spit at the audience. He takes over the lead role from Neil Patrick Harris.

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