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Cat, nicknamed Arrow, found shot with arrow through chest

Updated: Tuesday, September 17 2013, 06:23 PM CDT
Reported by: Donna Kirker Morgan

LANCASTER -- The Lancaster County SPCA wants to hear from anyone who knows about a cat found with an arrow shot through its body.

The cat was found near Lititz on Monday with an arrow that went right through his chest.

"You think you're shocked when you see it, but we see cruelty walk through our door," Susan Martin, director of the Lancaster County SPCA, said.

Nicknamed Arrow, you could say this young black male cat got really lucky -- the arrow missed his vital organs by centimeters.

It's believed Arrow was shot and wounded in Lititz probably a day or two ago.
"If you know the person who did this very malicious act and person needs to be held accountable for what they did. This against the law," Martin said.

A couple more days of recuperation and Arrow will be back to perfect, except for loss of one of his nine lives.

"It's tragic what this cat had to go through, but the outcome is good," Martin added.

The cat is doing well and thriving at the animal rescue just north of Lititz.

Cat, nicknamed Arrow, found shot with arrow through chest

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