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E-Cycling event to help others

Updated: Saturday, January 18 2014, 09:42 PM CST
Reported by Jesse Knutson (

A large electronics-recycling event was held in Mechanicsburg on Saturday, but the electronics weren’t just be disposed of safely, they’ll be refurbished and sent to those who can’t afford the technology.

People’s old Computers, monitors, keyboards, and mice were all dropped off at Mission Central in Mechanicsburg.
“Everything that we take, we either refurbish and send out via request to recipients over the world. That which we can’t refurbish, we recycle,” said Shawn Kincaid, President of the Board of Directors at Mission Central.
For the last 10 years, the group named Computer Ministry, which is compromised completely of volunteers, has been collecting electronics and fixing them up to be like new. Once the computer’s hard drive is wiped and new software is uploaded to the computer, they’re given out.
And the group gets a lot of requests, sending out an average of 1,800 computers each year.
All that they ask for in return is $6, to pay for the licensing fees and to pay for the programs uploaded to the computer. 
“These computers that we get, they help people over the world,” said Bob Shreiner, Executive Director of Computer Ministry.
Computer Ministry has sent computers to over 40 different countries, including Russia, Tanzania, Belarus, and Sierra Leone.
The group says they’re happy that they’re able to repurpose these electronics for people who can’t otherwise have them, but they’re also happy to keep the electronics out of local landfills.
“Recycle responsibly. And that’s what you’re doing here. It’s not going into landfills, it’s being either donated to somebody who’s going to use it or can use it because they can’t afford it, or it’s going to somewhere clean, efficient, and staying out of our landfills,” said Kincaid.

If you missed the e-cycling event, but still want to help out, you can drop off your electronics from 9-3 any Monday, Wednesday, or Friday.
Mission Central said they collected over 20,000 pounds of equipment during the event.E-Cycling event to help others

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