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Woman angered over city's snow-plow policies

Updated: Wednesday, February 19 2014, 09:50 PM CST
Reported by: Chris Nallan

HARRISBURG -- "Enough's enough. Clean it up," says Lorie Capp. The words resonated with frustration and disgust. Capp called CBS 21 News and asked for our help because little has been done by the city about the snow that's piled high on the corners -- and on the sidewalks in front of vacant homes in her neighborhood.

"The issue is when that melts, it's a row home, it's rows, it's going in my basement, it's deteriorating my property because of this, this is the city that did this," Capp said.

She isn't annoyed only at the snow and the threat of flooded basement, but the sheer contradiction of what the city wants in return. She heard from us at CBS 21 News that there is a fine for residents who don't clear their sidewalks.
"How do you want us to keep this clean and the city's not doing what they are supposed to be doing and the city doing what they suppose to do and here we go," Capp said.

Capp has done her part; she cleared the front of her home, but as for the mess in front of the abandoned homes next door, she wanted to know, "Why should I have to sit here and have my house destroyed behind abandoned houses that are condemned I don't know how long," says Capp.

Long enough to where it disturbs not only the well-being of people like Capp but the neighborhood in which they live.

CBS 21 News did contact the mayor's office, but did not get a call back.
Woman angered over city's snow-plow policies

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