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York City continues to haul away snow, downtown business pleased

Updated: Monday, February 17 2014, 10:41 PM CST
Reported by: Chris Nallan

YORK -- Snow, piles of it being moved from truck to truck and off to a secluded location so the City of York can continue its daily functions. Christin Hunt, head bartender at Bistro 19 is happy to see the snow move out so people can come in.

"Definitely Friday night we were expecting a larger turnout and we had a lot of reservations that were cancelled and just parking itself has always been an issue downtown and it was even more so this weekend," says Hunt.

Sherry from York is a frequent visitor to Bistro 19 and is shocked at this Winter so far.

"We've not had a winter like this in a long time, I haven't seen them take snow out of the city in 10 years so it's been a tough winter," says Sherry.

It's been a tough winter for the people in York and busier than usual for the city workers.

"Being a small town we don't have the staff that people hear about like Penndot go on for 12 hours go off for 12 hours we don't have that luxury or that size staff these guys put a lot of hours in the last couple of weeks," says Grim.

City workers are prepping for another snowfall Tuesday morning. 
York City continues to haul away snow, downtown business pleased

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