• Gault Wellness Center

    Gault Wellness Center
    Phone(717) 657-1620
    Gault Wellness Center

    DIET… a four letter word, right? At Gault Wellness Center, WE DON’T DO DIETS!  We provide you with a sustainable lifestyle. This is a plan you can utilize the rest of your life, once you understand how to properly balance your macro-nutrients.

    We do not eliminate any food groups!  Most of our patients tell us they are extremely satisfied...

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  • Susquehanna Valley Women's Healthcare Group

    Susquehanna Valley Women
    Phone717-845-1621 x224
    Drs. May-Grant Associates and The Women's Health Care Group

    Together, we bring more choices and remain dedicated to providing life-long healthcare to women of all ages.

    For decades, trust has been a key factor in the practices of Women’s Healthcare Group in York, and Drs. May-Grant Associates in Lancaster. Now, both have come together to form Susquehanna Valley Women’s ...

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  • The Fertility Center

    The Fertility Center
    The Fertility Center

    Are you or your partner experiencing infertility issues? Looking to find just the right solution to create your family? Are you considering becoming an egg donor and helping to bring a bundle of joy into someone else’s life? Would you like to learn more before exploring your fertility options?

    Our fertility doctors focus on providing a warm, caring environment...

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  • ReNewed Hearing Solutions

    ReNewed Hearing Solutions
    ReNewed Hearing Solutions

    Diagnostic Hearing Evaluations

    During your initial visit, you will be asked questions about your medical and hearing history. Then the Hearing care professional will use a lighted otoscope to inspect your outer ear and your ear canal for any abnormalities that may affect your hearing test results or require you to visit an ENT doctor. Next, the Hearing...

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  • Vein Center of Central PA

    Vein Center of Central PA
    Vein Center of Central PA

    Approximately 80 million Americans suffer from venous disorders, some of which are cosmetic. However, many people have significant pain, swelling or other symptoms caused by venous disease. Recent advances in technology make treatments easier and less painful than they were in the past. Patients no longer need to be hospitalized, and usually can return to their normal ...

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  • Capital BlueCross

    Capital BlueCross
    Capital BlueCross

    You now have more freedom to choose your health insurance. So choose the card accepted by over 90% of doctors and specialists... the card that opens doors in all 50 states.  With Capital BlueCross, you can be secure and protected – and therefore enjoy life with more confidence, free of fear and uncertainty.

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